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Masalejar is a passion project for friends who grew up in a foodie household. Growing up the one thing common in both their households was hosting guests where Moms would be busy making food preparations hours and also sometimes a day in advance.

Cut to the present, we loved to host our friends too but given the busy work life no one had the time to spend as much time and energy as our moms did. So we ended up resorting to ordering from outside if someone came with no prior notice.

In 2020 we got hit by the Pandemic and eating out, ordering out everything got shut. For us food was still the only comforting thing in the sad gloomy times. When everyone in the world resorted to cooking by following their favorite chef’s recipes, there was this need to come up with quick fix meal solutions that would taste "Chef like" with NO effort. This is when Masalejar was born.
Eating Dal Chawal is definitely boring after a hectic day of work but what can you do if you are the only female/cook in the family. Because, remember there are no house helps coming like the pre-pandemic world?!

We decided to come up with marinades and pastes that would make fancy cooking possible in just 2 simple steps under 20 minutes and with no extra special ingredients. These marinades are being handcrafted with love, dedicated to our moms and the effort that every mom has ever put into cooking and feeding great food to their families.

Masalejar is here to make cooking convenient and super quick. Enjoy special meals whenever you feel like, because we believe with Masalejar Marinades, anybody can cook.

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